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Thursday, March 17, 2011

5 Snow Leopard Tricks/Tips

Hello, here are some cool things you might not know you could do with your computer.

1. Holding down command then pressing the spacebar will open up spotlight. you can begin typing in the name of a document, application, music file...and spotlight will give you a list of files that match what you typed in. It also has a "Top Hit" for the most recent item that was opened that matches what you typed. This can be used to open applications without having to find them in the applications stack.

2. If you click on a stack (the folders on your dock) and start typing the name of a document or application, it will be highlighted. For example, in my applications stack if I type "I" then "iCal" gets highlighted, if I continue on and type "it" then "iTunes" gets highlighted. When I press return iTunes opens.

3. If you hold the "Option" key down while clicking on the dock, or your desktop, the open app gets hidden, and the icon dims. The windows will be minimized but will not appear beside the trash. To re-open the app simply click on the dimmed icon. This is really handy when you need to minimize a lot of windows but don't want the dock to become full, or you want to minimize the windows but don't like seeing the preview of the minimized windows in the dock.

4. You can also make minimized windows minimize into the applications icon on the dock instead of going beside the trashcan so you dont need to always hide them. Open system preferences (command+space bar, type "system pref", click enter) navigate to "Dock" (on my computer it was third from the left, top row) then check "Minimize windows into application icon" exit system preferences and minimize a window to try it out.

5. There is a nice also auto correct feature that you can use to automatically change text that you continually mess up, but it only works in certain apps like Mail, iChat and TextEdit. Goto system preferences, Language and Text (top, 5th from the left), Text (second tab) then press + to make your own substitutions.

Thats all for now, these are just some of the ones that I use, in the order of importance to me.
I will make another post with more soon.


  1. Cool tutorial, I have a few friends that might be interested by this.

  2. Thank you for the good tips.

  3. Nice, might throw this on some of the school macs...

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  5. Lol I hate to admit this, but I need way to much the auto correction feature!

  6. i thought i was a tech user...guess not haha

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